Facebook Testing TrueCaller Type App And Will Launch Soon

Now If you have Facebook on phone your Phone Number and Identity will no longer secret.
According to a report from AndroidPolice, Facebook seems to have mistakenly leaked a new feature in its mobile application and like the generic name of its messaging app, Messenger,this one is called 'Phone'.

Facebook usually uses the server-side to make changes in its applications and it seems the new feature went live before the supposedrelease.

The tag FB-ONLY is also indicating that the feature was under testing and was not meant for a general release. 

Since the feature was not ready, tapping on the update button will do nothing but take you a "page not found" error.

As seen in the screenshot the 'Phone' feature is describedas "a new app that shows you info about who's calling and automatically blocks calls from commonly blocked numbers." The name suggests a voice calling feature but the description confirmed that it is more of a call-IDfunction, something like the popular Truecaller app. 

If the description in the leak is any bit true then theapplication might need to sync the phones contacts with Facebook application.On one side, the Facebook integration with contacts can deliver accurate identities but on the other side this feature can jeopardize the user'sinformation involuntarily. 

There is no confirmation from Facebook regarding the allegedleak but since there were various reports pointing towards the 'Phone'application, we can expect Facebook to unveil the new feature soon.

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