How I Loose 7.8 Pounds In 7 Days

I have made plan to reduce my weight on Sunday evening when i was roaming on sea shore near my house. There are many young beautiful girls roaming there and many other boys too were there. I was attracted toward one girl and she too were attracted towards me. After some time i noticed that she was not intrested me and looking towards a boy who is more slim than me. And that time i decide to remive extra weight from my body. I am 6.1 in height and according to my hight my weight must be not more than 176 pound or 80 Kg. But i was 224 pound at that time.
I come back to home and take out my dairy noted down my weight at that time it was 224 pound. At night i drink only 2 glass of water and sleep. I wake up in morning drink 2 glass of water and goes for walk and on first day i walk around 2.5 Km.

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