Microsoft On A Way To Wipes Android Off Phones

Getting bored of Android on your phone? Microsoft may be working on a way to turn it into a Windows 10 device, according to a new report.

Right now, Microsoft is giving a few lucky Xiaomi phone owners in China an early look at Windows 10. The ROM is only available for a single phone, the flagship Mi 4, and it’s not a dual-boot patch. It’s a full replacement that wipes the factory-installed Android OS from the phones.

Before you get too excited — assuming you’re a fan of what you’ve seen of Windows 10 for phones so far — there’s a very good chance that Microsoft isn’t doing this for users. They probably won’t offer up a ROM that you can flash onto your Galaxy S5 or LG G3.

Microsoft may simply be making a push to get OEMs (in this case Xiaomi) to reconsider loading Windows on their phones. They convinced HTC to give it a try with the M8: the Windows version launched in August, about five months after the Android original. The pitch is logical enough: why not offer a Windows model and give people the choice, especially when there’s minimal effort involved in doing it?
It’s one more way Microsoft is angling for a piece of the Android pie. Early on, their focus was on… let’s call it persuading… OEMs into signing licensing agreements that covered modifications they’d made to Android that step on MS’s toes.

Today, their approach is different. They’re focusing on offering high-quality Android apps, like Outlook and OneNote. They’ve even built a slick lock screen replacement called Next. They’ve gone so far as to revise their deal with Samsung, who can now pre-install those apps instead of paying a per-device license fee.

Microsoft is also working with the crew at Cyanogen, and we still don’t know what to expect from that particular collaboration. Custom ROMs for older devices could be a possibility, given Cyanogen’s Android roots.

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