Optimize Windows 7 PC for Better Speed and Performance

Irrespective of the configuration and brand of your PC, you are bound to face technical issues after a few years of use. Your PC may start facing issues related to speed and performance especially when you install or remove any particular app or program from your computer. In the same way, no matter how efficient antispyware and antivirus tools you install on your machine, it may get attacked by viruses and malware somehow. If you're fond of downloading games, movies, videos, audio files and other stuff from the Internet, then you must have also downloaded unwanted amounts of junk from the same websites.
Viruses, heavy applications, outdated technology, unwanted program install and other related issues may force your Windows 8 PC to slow down over a period of time. Although, maintenance seems a bit difficult for every user but it is highly recommended to avoid certain breakdowns, slowdowns, freezing and hanging issues. Whatever is the cause behind such issues, there are a number of ways that can help to speed up Windows 7 and make your PC functioning flawless. To get rid of all these issues before they occur, you must know how to optimize Windows 7 so that you can prevent performance and security related issues.
Here are some of the maintenance tips that can help you optimize Windows 7 for better speed and performance.
1. Run windows updates
Even if your Windows 7 PC is a brand new device, then there are chances that Microsoft has already released important updates for it. The windows updates are aimed at improving the operating system on various fronts that also includes security, performance and efficiency factors. Although Windows 7 is a secure OS version than its predecessors, but malware authors are experts at finding and exploiting loopholes in this high-end secured device.
You can easily check that you have the latest Windows updates for Windows 7 by clicking Windows Updates through Control Panel. This section will give you information about all the latest updates released by the manufacturer and whether you've installed it or not.
2. Install antivirus program
With malware, viruses, spyware and Phishing scams located in the each segment of the virtual world, you must ensure that you didn't browse the Internet without adequate protection. Fortunately, a huge section of the market is full of vendors offering high-end security programs to prevent such threats by offering free or paid antivirus and Internet-security tools.
Make sure that you are guarded by an effective Internet security suite, before you shop online or enter your financial details on a portal. The Microsoft Essential antivirus comes preinstalled on your Windows PC and if your device doesn't have this preloaded tool, then immediately download one from the Internet. Microsoft also strives hard to protect its users by offering Windows Defender, a free antivirus utility, which provides protection against low-grade malware.
3. Try to keep your desktop clear
Keeping big files off the desktop makes it look more appealing and easy to understand. Your windows PCs can carry a huge amount of data anytime, anywhere, but, a cluttered desktop may make it difficult for the OS to load several programs and files quickly. Hence, it is always recommended to keep your desktop clean and clear in order to speed up the startup process.
If you have a habit of downloading a lot of files, music, videos and other stuff from the internet, then assign a different folder for them rather than keeping it on the desktop. Keeping desktop cluttered and occupied, may result in slow startup and creates a lot of confusion, while looking for a particular file. Therefore, moving non-essential files into a separate folder will be really helpful in tracing them and keeping them safe from accidental deletion.
4. Download the latest drivers, software and firmware updates
Manufacturers release latest drivers, software updates and firmware updates to maintain optimum performance levels of their products. The developers located at the manufacturer's site deploy all their strength and hard work in finding the way to protect their genuine products from the attacks of various malware and viruses. They keep on releasing timely improvement plans, latest updates and enhanced versions of their products that are at par with the other similar products available in the market.
Various manufacturers offer such editions and updates for free over the Internet to maintain goodwill in the market and to attain maximum satisfaction from their established consumer base. You can easily navigate to the manufacturer's website to look for updates or updated versions of each product including software, operating system, applications and security programs. A set of guideline and instructions are also made available for the beginners to help them while updating their existing software or other programs.
5. Run your PC with closed CPU case
It is estimated that your computer can become dusty in less than a year, depending upon the location where it is placed. It is advised to be proactive about taking care of your Windows 8 PC depending upon the location, climatic conditions and dust factor. If your house is not too dusty, then check after a few months, but if it's very dusty then you might need to check it after a few weeks only.
Carefully remove the dust on the bottom with a vacuum and then spray a bit with compressed canned air. Always pay extra attention towards the CPU heat sink and its fan as it is very essential for the heat produced by the CPU to ventilate. Cleaning dust, checking the power supply fan, ensuring all fans are working, and replacing the fan if it stops spinning, are some of the essential steps that you can take to offer smooth functioning to your PCs.
Apart from this, reinstalling the OS, de-fragmenting the hard disk drive and scanning your PC regularly to identify infection will also help to keep your system up and running. Downloading programs such as LimeWire, Kazaa, BearShare, and many others offer a platform for sharing information, but it may contain malware, spyware, and Trojans that may infect your PC to an irreparable extent. So, download the file with the maximum seeds and peers attached it, only from the trusted sources. Limit the number of programs loading at startup to reduce system slowdowns as these applications consume a considerable amount of memory, disabling Windows to perform to its fullest potential. But things won't go worse if you know how to optimize Windows 7 by employing the above mentioned tips. Last but not the least, ensure that you manage and maintain your devices regularly to avoid paying extra dollars to the technicians while fixing major issues.

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