Police Starts Using App, Facebook to raise complaints

In order to make easier the process for public in filing complaints and help control crimes, the Madurai city police has started adapting social media methods.
A message over WhatsApp is all that one has to send to contact the city police and to air a complaint. Similarly, people can post photos and videos of incidents taking place in the city to get police attention and immediate action. The advantage of raising complaint through social networking forums compared to using emergency phone number is that people can use stored information as evidence for the complaint raised.

A dedicated team to handle complaints and information from public has been kept ready, which functions under the intelligence section, which will be constantly monitored by city police commissioner, Sailesh Kumar Yadav, himself. Yadav inaugurated the 'Crime Prevention Cell' on Wednesday. He had announced inclusion of technology in controlling crimes as soon as he assumed charge as commissioner few months ago.

Apart from introducing social networking forum, an exclusive website for the city police has also been opened. The website www.maduraicitypolice.com contains information like list of missing persons in Madurai city police limits, unidentified dead bodies, passport verification status and online application for licences provided.

One can also register an online complaint with the given link. The commissioner said that people can also log on to the website to know about traffic diversions and other information police want to communicate to the public.

"The identity of the people who post their complaint over Facebook or WhatsApp would not be revealed unless the concerned persons prefer to reveal it. At times, evidences like photo or video provided by public in connection with crime incidents will be of great help to take appropriate action. WhatsApp messages can be sent to 8300021100 while the Facebook page is commissioner of police, Madurai city," Yadav said.

The commissioner also expressed confidence in enhancing communication between police and public through social media. Public, especially youths who are frequent users of social media can utilise it. Yadav also appealed to the public to use the facility in the best possible way.

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