WhatsApp vs WeChat Comparision

A few decades ago, mobile devices were considered a luxury and they were extremely heavy and unaesthetic, but the technology evolved and nowadays, there are many high-end or low-end smartphone users who install messaging applications to chat with their friends, no matter where they are located in this world.
New instant messengers appear like mushrooms after the rain, but the veteran ones gained millions of users and every day, new people are registering, being lured by the variety of features that are offered by these applications. In this article, we’ll compare two famous chatting applications that replaced the traditional SMS texting system.

Both WhatsApp and WeChat allow you to send text messages, photos, videos, voice notes, stickers, doodles and support voice calls. There are many similarities between them, but no application is identical to another and we’re here to highlight the differences between WhatsApp and WeChat.


This application was launched in 2009, being created by two former employees of Yahoo! and which were rejected by Facebook. Their ambition was huge and didn’t stop until they saw their project growing and when the number of active users reached 400 million, Mark Zuckerberg decided to buy the application and invested 19 billion dollars. WhatsApp has over 1 billion download in the Google Play and in January, the number of active users surpassed 700 million. In the first year, WhatsApp is free to use and doesn’t have hidden fees, but after that, everyone must pay 0.99 dollars per year, but the good thing is that you won’t see annoying ads.


This application came in 2011, being developed by Tencent, a Chinese company that made WeChat available for Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone and Symbian phones, while Web-based and OS X clients must install this application on a mobile device and use the number for authentication, and only this way they will be able to chat from their computers. Last summer, in August, WeChat had 438 million active users, 70 million being outside of China. To register on WeChat you will use your Facebook account or your mobile number (100 countries are supported). Besides instant messaging, WeChat allows you to play games and to use it as a social media app, since it has features such as Moments that acts like Facebook’s News Feed.

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