Your Hands - Butt Used By Android’s Smart Lock

Meet Google's latest security tool for its Android phones or tablets: your butt.Google is rolling out a new security feature called "On-Body Detection" that uses the accelerometer to check if the device is being held in a hand or placed in a pants pocket.
"The idea (is that) if you leave your phone sitting on a table or forget it somewhere, it will lock, preventing would-be thieves from easily accessing your data," Android Police said.

Android Police said the feature allows the phone to remain unlocked while the owner holds it or places it in a pants pocket.

But the feature is not yet able to detect if the phone is handed to another person, at least for now. Thus, the phone remains unlocked if it is handed to another person.

Android Police said the feature was noticed on was a Nexus 4 still running Android 5.0.1, but added it is now seeing such a feature on many devices including most Nexuses.

"This doesn't seem to be a feature related to Android 5.1, but you probably need 5.0+ for it to work. We do know our tipster has the most recent version of Play Services (we tried with the same version on our Nexuses, and no dice), and we know trusted places is enabled by Google Play Services, so it seems likely this on-body detection mode is probably activated similarly, and isn't part of the core

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