Infocus M2 vs Xiaomi Redmi 2 and Moto E 2nd Gen - Know who delivers best

Competition is on the peak in India between smartphone manufacturing companies. India is very big market and that's why we are hear about a new launch of smartphone everyday with best prices and features. Presently, Xiaomi Redmi 2 and Moto E 2nd Gen are in focus because of there price and features. In this article we will discuss and compare Xiaomi Redmi 2 and Moto E 2nd Gen with Infocus M2 and try to check which smartphone delivers best.

5 4G Android Smartphones under 15000 you must know for future use.

Now India is leading in technology field and after 3G we are now going towards 4G. It is true that we have no 4G networks in all India. But as we are seeing progress in technology we can say that now there is no more time remaining to experience 4G everywhere. Most of the Metro cities are having facility of 4G. We are here to discuss and know about the 5 smartphone with 4G facility and also under Rs 15000.00 Rs. So if you are planning to buy a smartphone please keep in mind about future usage.

Avoid computer virus with Do and Dont's

Computer virus are really head ache for computer user. Once it enters by any mean like online, USB, email, DVD or any other mean you will have to suffer from loose of data, slow computer speed, slow internet speed and many other problems. We will look in this artcle how we can avoid computer virus with some do and dont's.

Why is my Android device running slow? Here's how to speed up your phone

When you first got your shiny new Android handset you were probably blown away by how fast it was. But over time you may well have noticed that your phone is starting to run slow. Don't worry - it doesn't mean that there's anything wrong with it. Here are some top tips you can use to help speed up your Android phone and get things running quickly again.