Avoid computer virus with Do and Dont's

Computer virus are really head ache for computer user. Once it enters by any mean like online, USB, email, DVD or any other mean you will have to suffer from loose of data, slow computer speed, slow internet speed and many other problems. We will look in this artcle how we can avoid computer virus with some do and dont's.
1.Always use up-to-date trusted antivirus software and not trail version which has not updated from months. Because everyday thousands of new virus are created by hackers to corrupt and and steal your data. Updated trusted antivirus has latest virus in their database which will quickly recognize the virus and inform you not to install that file, software or browse that page.

2.Always keep enable schedule scan. This will scan your computer at regular interval in background and keep you inform about any possible threat in your computer.With Schedule scan option your computer will be scanned by your antivirus program and it is automatically disinfected by any virus, malware, spyware or Trojan.

3.Make habit of scanning flash-drives and other external drives, CDs and DVD after inserting it to your computer and before opening it. Only open it after you get message from your antivirus that it is free from virus. This habit will always keep your system virus free. No matter how much important that software or document is always perform a scan before it gets enter to your system.

4.Whenever you see changes in behavior of your system or running speed of your system or slow internet connection do a complete scan of your system no matter you have schedule scan enable.

5.Avoid using pirated, cracked software, software downloaded from torrent or unauthorized websites. Please note that 90 percent get entered in your system from this pirated and cracked software.Always read a reviews about pirated, cracked software or software downloaded from torrent or unauthorized websites. This will alert you about the software from the previous victims who have downloaded such software.

6.Avoid browsing porn sites. Keep your browser updated and also with pop up blocker. Most of the porn sites are with popup. Popup is also a way to insert viruses, malware and spyware in your system.

7.Make it habit to delete email which looks attractive and are from the persons whom you don't know. Never open such emails and if you open it don't download anything from such emails.

8. Never download files which are from unknown person on Facebook messenger and other social media messenger.

9.Always go with antivirus which comes with anti-spyware, anti-malware, or anti-spam applications this will help your system fully protected from every single virus.

10.Disable auto run for any software and make it habit to do custom install any software.Custom install will protect you from unwanted installation comes with that software.

11.Go for best Firewall protection. Always keep on your Firewall protection.

12.If your antivirus provides plugins for your browser keep it installed. This will provide you smart browsing and protect you from infections and phishing attacks.

13.Never keep your private data like banking password, email password, back up of phone directory, your custom contact details and other confidential documents online and if you keep it online make a password protected rar file. It's almost impossible to open password protected rar file. Never use same password for all your accounts. Keep it little different from each other.

14. Always keep your system registry clean with registry cleaner and never keep your computer offline if you are not on computer.

15.Clear cache and temporary files of your computer at regular interval.

So these are some of the useful do and don't to avoid computer viruses. Always keep your system prepared  from becoming a victim of viruses. It is worst nightmare for any computer user that his system get virus infected. Be smart and keep your system updated smart enough to protect it from viruses, malware, spyware,Trojans and phishing attacks.

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