Never Trust Autowala In Somnath Temple

One of website viewer has sent me his experience with Auto Wala in Somnath. So to aware people about autowalas in Somnath I am writting this blog so every one can get aware about this.

What Website Viewer Mr. Singh has written.

Hello Sir

I know you are operating websites which provides facility Local sight seeing in Somnath. And you also have hotel in somnath. My english is poor and no time to write long but I have struggle a lot with my family in Somnath, So it is very important for me to inform you about that auto driver name Younis.

Sir we have enjoyed a lot your service from dwarka to somnath, somnath to diu, and Sasan Gir to Somnath. The car you provided is best and the driver behavior and politeness is just great. Car was also good and new. Your hotel near somnath railway station is also great and provided us great service.

After we checkout from your hotel, we have hired one Auto from  Somnath Railway Station. We have fix Local sight seeing with auto Rickshaw with the driver name Younis and he has told us 400 Rs. You told us 600 Rs. But After that I realize that it is my big mistake that I have not gone with you.

That guy has started our local sight seeing from Sharda Math, when we have gone for visiting Sharda Math and come back he was not there and after waiting for more that half hour he comes there. When we ask him where he was he replied us very rudely. And we gave up.

After that he has taken us to Gita Mandir. Again disappear for more that 1 hour. Its 1 o clock in after noon. Our train time for Saurashtra mail is 1:40 so we told him to take directly to Railway Station in Veraval. He has driven so roughly that we are saved by Somnath Dada Only.

When we reach Railway Station he demand 800 Rs from us. We told him that we have fixed it 400 and we have just seen two places.

He has slaped me and talked very rudely with me, my wife and my young daughter.

I will never forgot and never want to remember that experience. I advice all the travelers traveling somnath never trust auto walas and always go with some reputed travel agency no matter he charge 100 or 200 Rs more.